Welcome to inch
Welcome to inch


Protecting your computer against malicious attack or infiltration has always been important but never more so with the increasing use of networks and 'always on' connections. inch provide solutions for a range of security issues and can help you ensure that your and your data is safe.


To ensure continued protection it is essential to have up-to-date virus software. At inch we can help you understand the options and install and maintain a range of solutions.


Firewalls are a vital part of your protection when you go online. By controlling the types of traffic that can be made to and from your computers and networks, a firewall gives you a much higher level of security. We can offer a range of hardware or software based options.

Intrusion Detection

Do you know who is connecting to your network? With the proliferation of wireless networking it is becoming easier for people to gain unauthorised access to your network. We offer a range of solutions that can help you monitor and control access.


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