Welcome to inch
Welcome to inch

What is a Home Network?

A network is simply a connection of PCs. By connecting PCs together you can begin to share services between them.

Have you recently bought a new PC? If you did it is likely that you wondered what to do with the old one. Perhaps you put it in a child's bedroom so they could do their homework or play games? But now they want to use the internet and that means using your PC downstairs. Wouldn't it be good if they had access too? And what if they need to print their homework? With a network there's no need to buy another printer; they can use yours.

With an inch network you can solve these problems simply and easily. inch offers a comprehensive range of networking services for the home user.

XBox Live

Whether you choose a wired or wireless network we can easily integrate games consoles into the system to realise the full benefits of online gaming.


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