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Welcome to inch

What is Home Automation?

Home automation can be used to control individual or multiple systems. It could be simple things such as lighting, heating, curtains and ventilation. Or it could be used to control entertainment systems - audio, tv/video or games systems - and distribute the output around your home.

Think of the security benefits of being able to turn lights on or off while away on holiday. Open and close curtains automatically at your command or at programmable times. By using cameras integrated with your home network you can have even more confidence. Set up cameras inside or out and have them alert you by phone if they detect movement.

Using X-10 technology existing mains wiring in your house can carry "Messages" to Light Switches and other Plug-in switching modules. Commands such as "off", "on", "dim", "bright" are typical and can easily be interfaced to a PC for automated or even remote access over the internet.

inch can help you realise the benefits of these services with a full design and installation service.


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